13th Annual Hyde Creek Salmon Festival - 2012

The 13th Annual Hyde Creek Salmon Festival was a great success with thousands of visitors in attendance.   Below are some images of the event that was held at two locations - The Hyde Creek Recreation Centre and the Hyde Creek Education Centre and Hatchery. 
Photo by Andre Chan.

Port Coquitlam Councillor Darrell Penner was the Master of Ceremonies. 

Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore spoke about the festival to visitors. 

 Coquitlam Mayor, Richard Stewart, gave a fine speech as well.

Everyone present enjoyed the displays and activities in both festival locations.

A young Santa's helper colours in a First Nations Stencil design.

Everyone could try their luck by spinning the wheel at the Fortis display.

The Bear Facts Display showed images of Black Bears that lived in the area.
Photo by Andre Chan.

Things were a-poppin at the RBC Blue Water display.

Ian McArthur had his remarkable watershed model on hand.

  The display at the Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society showed visitors the wonders of wildlife.

One of the big hits at the festival, as usual, were the decorated fish cookies from Wesbild.

 They never ran out of cookies either!

 Kinder Books had a wonderful selection of childrens educational books.

There was a beautiful selection of carvings displayed.
Photo by Andre Chan.

 Visitors could talk to the carver as he made another creation.
Photo by Andre Chan.

Every display, such as at the Institute of Urban Ecology, strove to enlighten the public about issues important to us all.

 The two venues were busy for the entire run of the festival.

Wildlife Rescue provided information about how injured birds are cared for. 

 Member of Parliament, Fin Donnelly, put on a presentation entitled:
Why I Swam the Fraser - A 1,400km Journey to Save our Salmon

PoCo Heritage was there in full force and were preparing for a big year in 2013. 


The good folks from OWL brought a Turkey Vulture and Owl to show all.
Photo by Jean Peachman.

Turkey Vultures fascinated young and old. 
Photo by Andre Chan.

This little Owl was intriguing to children as well.
 Photo by Jean Peachman.

Long time member, Harry Burgoyne takes a break from setting things up. 

Our student volunteers really helped with the workload.

Seacology showed many the marine life around us. 

 Vancity had a great craft for children.

 Port Metro Vancouver brought their pet seagull along

 ARMS had a busy craft table that attracted many children and adults.

Garry Elgear from Riverside Fly and Tackle shows how to create a quality fishing fly.

The new feather flags for our society lined the creek between venues.
Photo by Andre Chan.

The Lions BBQ was getting started with a good group of cooks.

Preparing the BBQ Salmon for the rush to buy them all out.

Photo by Andre Chan.

The Home Depot's Kids Workshop taught many children to build excellent Bird Houses. 

 There were more displays and activities outside as well.
  Photo by Andre Chan.

JRfm was a welcome addition to the festival. 
Photo by Jean Peachman

 BC Hydro's Power Smart tested visitors knowledge of power saving devices.

The Ta Da Lady had some colourful parades as part of the Nylon Zoo.

Hyde Creek had plenty of water for the spawning salmon.
Photo by Andre Chan.

Chum and Coho salmon could be seen along the creek.
Photo by Andre Chan.

 Scott, from DFO, showed off a big male Chum Salmon to the delight of all.

This spawning Chum has teeth that relate to it's other name of Dog Salmon.
Photo by Andre Chan.

Here is a fine spawning Coho.
Photo by Andre Chan.

There were even more attractions at the Education Centre and Hatchery.
Photo by Andre Chan.

 Sam Caldarone demonstrated our watershed model at the hatchery.

 There was a raptor at the hatchery for all to see. 
Photo by Andre Chan.

 Visitors could get up close to his Golden Eagle.

There was a little companion to the big eagle nearby.

 Young Coho Fry were diplayed at the hatchery.

Many enjoyed the salmon dissections in the hatchery.

                                              Each female salmon could hold 2,500 eggs.
Photo by Andre Chan.

Kim Hunter is the talented artist who created our beautiful murals.

 The Education Centre and Hatchery has four murals depicting the flora and fauna of each season.

These murals were admired by many visitors.

Upstairs in the Education Centre there was lots of craft making and fun with the microscopes. 

        There was a wonderful selection of Raffle items at the Recreation Centre to be won on the day.

 Some young visitors picked the lucky winners.
 Thanks to everyone who made our 13th Annual Salmon Festival a success this year.