Here are some photos of Saturdays Celebration Pot Luck evening which was attended by some twenty five guests.  The event was to mark the 11th year of the present Society,  sixteen years since the formation of Hyde Creek Streamkeepers and thirty years since the bath tub in the back yard project.

A very pleasant evening was had by all with a wonderful array of food being brought by those attending. Thanks to all those who made it such a successful evening.

One unexpected and very welcomed guest was Peter Crowder himself who initiated the “bathtub in the backyard” some thirty years ago; he was accompanied by his grandson and were given a tour of the hatchery.
Peter and his grandson pose with Shane and Jean in front of one of our murals.  Peter was impressed with the progress we have made over the years.
 The cutting of the celebratory cake was carried out by the oldest member present, Linda Dore assisted by the second oldest member, Shane Peachman.