UGLY BUG BALL - June 23, 2012

This year's Ugly Bug Ball was at a new location, but still in Surrey.  And what a location it is! A Rocha's Brooksdale Environmental Centre is a stunning former estate that has wonderful heritage buildings, farms and fields.  A contingent of members descended on the facility to join fellow Streamkeepers and Salmon Hatchery operators.   Photos by Cliff Kelsey and Linda Dore.   Click on an image to enlarge it.

We were greeted by one of the locals when we arrived.

We were free to wander the huge former estate and catch up with news with old friends.

This is a view of the stables.

Everyone gathered under our big Hyde Creek tent for the welcoming speeches.

It is good to be appreciated for the community work we all do.

And with the speeches over it is time to bring out the cake!

Enough with the photo ops, let's cut the cake.

Maurice does the honours.

After the ceremony, some members went for a walk and saw some interesting things.

Linda comes across the Little Campbell River quite literally.  We were told that five species of Salmon come up this little river.  As well, the pond nearby has a rarity called the Salish sucker.
A remnant of the ice age, the Salish sucker is found only in a few small lakes and streams in and around Puget Sound in Washington State and in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.


It wasn't long before the forecast rain started and that brought wind and lightning as well.

Even the Llama was not pleased.

Soon the rain let up and we got back to socializing.  Sam enjoyed the eagle display that was setup by David Hancock. 

 The dinner was superb and it capped off the evening.

The only downside was when Sam lost the wine cork in the bottle while trying to get it off for his father.  

 Later in the evening, we enjoyed the warmth of a big fire.

Many thanks to the Community Advisors of the Lower Mainland and the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation for hosting the SEP Volunteer Thank-You Extravaganza.