Spring happenings at Hyde Creek

Spring is a busy time because it means releasing the Coho smolts from the pond after their 18 months with us.  We then have to clean the pond in order to ready it for the young salmon in the troughs.  As well, this time we will also be releasing thousands of those salmon in creeks up in our watershed.  This all requires lots of volunteer help and we get that from our members.
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Shane readies the pump to drain the pond.

After the pond is mostly emptied, Nick and Tony prepare for a large vacuum truck to remove the rest.

The unusual configuration of piping was necessary because of some water still entering the pond as it was emptied.

 Shane pressure washes the pond bottom.

 While cleaning the pond we did find some small eels which were quite interesting.

 Finally cleaned and ready for a new batch of young salmon.

Our next task was to put about 10,000 young salmon in the watershed above.

It is surprising how fast they have grown since hatching.

Time to get them ready for a trip up the hill.

We collected the eggs in mid November and three months later they fully developed little salmon.

Into an oxygenated container they go.

We made stops at Smiling Creek and Hyde Creek

What was once forest was now very urbanized.

Terry places them in a new surrounding.

This section of Hyde Creek took a little effort to get to.

 We checked out some man made locations for our young salmon.

 After hours of hauling salmon, you can get doggone tired.

 We were invited to an RBC Blue Water Day event in Poco and had a great time.

 The staff and customers enjoyed our display.

 To help with our well fund, we were presented with a donation from the Poco branch of RBC.

Recently we invited Mayor Greg Moore to our facility to thank the City of Port Coquitlam for their generous contribution to our well fund.   Yes, it has been a busy spring so far.   Thanks to all who helped out.